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It’s simultaneously the best and worst feeling: to be bursting with excitement but at a loss of how to express to the universe (or just those dearest to you) what loveliness you’ve found. Our team is here for every step on the journey ahead. We want to help you relive and retell the most treasured chapters in your story.


Avid Ponderer, Average Musician


"You may meet Hannah with a step-stool under her arm – because she’s tiny, but knows that the perfect shot at your wedding may not be. Or wearing three layers of jackets in the middle of July - because her body thinks Antarctica means 70° Fahrenheit. Or folding random scraps of paper into tiny animals to amuse strangers’ restless children – because the only girl in a family of eight never really grows out of that role. Her imagination, experiences, and adventurer’s heart make the unpredictable and ridiculous seem carefully planned, meticulous…and beautiful - just as your priceless moments should be. The latest chapter in her own story includes marrying Cory: her fellow Jesus-follower, traveler, folk music fan, tea savorer and cheese connoisseur. I like tea, too, so I convinced her to run the company with me. (Just kidding.)"

-- Tony


Adventure Enthusiast, Amateur Husband/Father


"It was my first week of freshman year, and I wasn’t two steps through the door of our collegiate ministry before I was welcomed with the warm handshake, Vietnamese accent, cowboy boots and unassuming smile of this creative and quirky gentleman. That quality of relating to the most diverse of interests and setting even the blue ribbon of bashful at ease in seconds is just one of the things that makes him the fabulous photographer that he is. It really should be a superpower. Tony’s devotion to his faith, his sweetheart (Sarah), and their gosh. darn. cute. princess of a little girl (Julia), means that he gets it. He can master the highest, cutting-edge standards of his craft, representing your story with such diligence and artistry, because he has a killer tale of his own to tell."

-- Hannah

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